Corporate Governance

GCON is proud to be RBA compliant through our robust governance process and management system. We have designed our internal business processes to deliver quality products and services to our clients and ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and customer requirements. We continuously monitor and review key business metrics to advance GCON’s social and environmental responsibility, business ethics, and quality of services provided to the communities where we work.

Safety Commitment

Safety underscores our purpose and core values – it is the very foundation of our company and the driving force behind everything we do and build. Much more than a practice; it is fundamentally who we are and paramount to our success in all areas of our work. Safety is collaborative and our success translates to every member of the project teams, from the subcontractors and design teams to the property owners and financial stakeholders.


GCON is committed to improving Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) across the Company. DEIB is core to GCON’s values and is instrumental in building our high-performing teams and delivering our strong business growth. GCON aims to provide a work environment where employees from all backgrounds are valued, respected, challenged, acknowledged, and rewarded so everyone can achieve their full potential and contribute with confidence. GCON strives to create an environment in which all people, regardless of their identity or background, have equal voice, representation, and access to opportunities.

Stewards in our Community

GCON is committed to cultivating and sustaining a strong sense of community inside and outside of the company. Community wellbeing is essential for the personal and professional growth of our team, their families, and those around us. At GCON, our philanthropic initiatives are dedicated to making a positive impact in the areas of education, health, and wellness and community development. By focusing our efforts on these key areas, we aim to improve the quality of life in the local communities where we live and work. Our commitment to giving back not only strengthens our bonds with these communities but also empowers our team members to thrive in an environment that values service and engagement. 

“GCON is responsible for cultivating our client and partner relationships with care and respect. We have a duty to uphold and positively impact the environments around us and the people who advance us forward. As a company, we take our role seriously as stewards of our clients’ visions, our employees’ well-being, and our communities’ health.”

Mike Olinger


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