GCON Receives Highwire Platinum Safety Award

In May of 2024, for the second year in a row, GCON received Highwire’s Platinum Safety Award for strong commitment to safety performance.

“Everyone at GCON has worked tirelessly to ensure our safety and quality is the highest it can be in each project we build,” said Martin Lopez, GCON’s Safety Director. “To be recognized by Highwire, a leader in our industry, is proof we are committed to the highest safety standards.”

Highwire Safety Awards are presented to companies registering a safety score above 85 in Highwire’s Safety Assessment Program. This assessment compiles a company’s safety commitment into a percentage score using leading and lagging indicators. Less than 5% of contractors are awarded the Platinum Safety Award, which requires a score of 95-100. Receiving such an award is an honor, helping companies stand out to win new business and in some cases reducing insurance costs.

Highwire’s Safety Assessment analyzes a company’s safety performance, evaluating both historic and current safety status across the industry with comprehensive and objective results. The Highwire Safety Awards reflect a contracting partner’s commitment to improving risk management. The award seeks to highlight safer, more viable business partners in the industry. Highwire’s system is a strong indicator of safety and serves as a reliable predictor of future performance, helping clients and contractors effectively identify, monitor, and mitigate risks within projects.

“Management systems are critical to any company’s ability to deliver successful outcomes and, most importantly, to keep their employees safe,” said David Tibbetts, CSP, Highwire’s Chief Safety Officer. “GCON has done a remarkable job implementing a strong safety management system resulting in exceptional safety performance and results.”

GCON prides itself on the ability to exceed expectations, deliver exceptional projects, and forge lasting relationships with clients, and its team is proud to be recognized for its superior safety management program with Highwire’s Platinum Safety Award.

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