Confidence in our process

In a market that demands a nuanced understanding of multiple variables, we are a trusted leader in building some of the finest hangers and facilities for our aviation clients and partners, instilling confidence in our advanced and intricate planning, design, and execution. 

Specializing in hangars, we consider the specific complexities of construction, including the needs of the aircraft it will house, clearance heights, wing spans, and the aircraft’s weight. 

Comprehensive safety measures

Safety is the cornerstone of GCON, and we understand the importance of securing the job site to be free of construction obstacles or debris on active airfields so as not to interfere with operations.

Ensuring uninterrupted operations

Our primary goal is to maintain uninterrupted airport operations as long as GCON is onsite. Our teams craft strategic schedules and phasing stages that move the project forward in conjunction with ongoing aviation activities and demands.

Department Lead

vince castillo

Aviation Program Manager

20+ Years Experience

Aviation Projects

Falcon Field Phase 1 & 2

Cutter Aviation


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