Gabe Gavriilidis is the co-founder of GCON Inc., starting the company alongside Mike Godbehere in 2002. Part of executive leadership, Gabe contributes to the company’s vision at both the strategic level and in the day-to-day operations. His focus is working with GCON’s specialty teams nationwide, taking active roles in critical projects and in how they are delivered to clients.

Raised in Arizona, Gabe’s passion for construction started early on, taking shape through summer jobs like framing houses and internships. He shared this love of building with his fellow high school and college classmate, Mike Godbehere. Both attended the Del E. Webb School of Construction at Arizona State University. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in construction management, Gabe grew into the role of project manager, gaining experience in public works, building schools and contributing to commercial projects and private developments. His areas of focus included preconstruction and hard-bid work, supporting project leaders and working alongside clients. In 2002, Gabe made the call to Mike that would put in motion the start of GCON Inc. Both play an intricate role within the company. Their commitment to the work and to their people has stayed strong and involved throughout the 20+ years in business. Gabe’s strength is project execution. He takes active roles as a project executive overseeing GCON’s high-tech and preconstruction teams. Gabe’s leadership prioritizes quality for the client. He guides GCON’s specialty teams through complex, critical work, setting the standard for delivery and trust. Known to never stand still, Gabe leads by example by keeping projects in motion, positioning GCON as a reliable partner and moving the company into its next 20 years. 

As co-founder of GCON Inc., Gabe has played a pivotal role in promoting the company’s rapid growth and widespread reputation for superior customer service and efficient project delivery. Devoted to the continual advancement of his skill set as a corporate leader, Gabe is a member of the 2010 Leadership Development Forum (LDF). LDF is a nationally recognized management training program developed by the Arizona Builders Alliance. Involvement in this program allows Gabe to remain actively involved in the local community. He, along with GCON, routinely works with and sponsors charitable events and programs.

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