With 35 years in the high-tech sector, Kyle specializes in critical environments, leading GCON’s semiconductor program and overseeing its small and large projects.

Since he was 15 years old, Kyle has followed the path of construction, stepping into several roles in and out of the field. After attending Texas A&M, his career began in New Mexico, where, during his eight-year tenure, he took part in growing the company from six employees to what was the largest construction contractor of labor in New Mexico. He then transitioned to the technology industry, joining Intel to build factories and lead tool & equipment installation on a global scale. Kyle’s project portfolio includes Fab 11 in New Mexico, Fab 14 in Ireland, Fab 18 in Israel, and the digital conversion of Fab 17 in Massachusetts. After 21 years with Intel, Kyle joined GCON in 2016 to craft and lead its semiconductor program.

As the current director of high-tech: semiconductors, Kyle oversees the $300-million program, working alongside confidential clients and guiding the GCON team through more than 300 projects annually. Driven by developing strong, specialized teams, Kyle brings extensive experience and disarming leadership to GCON, instilling trust and confidence not only in those he leads, but in the clients he supports.

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