GCON Wraps Up Falcon Field Phase 2

The GCON team prepares to wrap up Phase 2 of this multi-phased aviation project located at Falcon Field Airport in Mesa, AZ.

Work for Phase 1 began in May of 2020 which included four tenant improvements over 14 acres, totaling $28,000,000. Phase 2 includes at least three tenant improvements over 16 acres at $33,000,000, bringing the entirety of the project to around $61,000,000. Together, the phases contained 250,000 sq ft of hangar space and 72,000 sq ft of office space. On average, the job site has held about 70 people at any given time.

One major highlight of the project was the commissioning of two stainless steel sculptures by locally renowned artist, Jeff Zischke. Both sculptures were placed at the entrance of the airport. Another highlight was the visits from GCON’s Summer Internship Program students who were able to tour the site, not only once, but twice to learn more about the field of construction. Seven students from ASU’s architecture school were able to tour the site as well.

Not everything was sunshine and rainbows at the site, as our team had to deal with a record-breaking monsoon season during Phase 1, where the weather was referred to as a “100-year flood”. In true GCON fashion, the team pulled through and managed to keep the project on track.

Substantial completion for Phase 1 and 2 is expected in January of 2023.

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