Proud to be a part of the Mission!

On June 10th, 2021, Phoenix Rescue Mission officially opened their new ‘Life Recovery Building’. The vibrant ribbon cutting ceremony was adorned with rows of people of the community in masks shooting confetti cannons. It was a beautiful moment for both the community, who will be changed for the better and GCON for being able to create that change. The ceremony itself was symbolic for the fresh starts that will begin in a safe space. 

Phoenix Rescue Mission will now be able to house 360 male residents where they only held the space for 160 previously. The $12 million project is a massive investment into the community. The 4 story, 56,000 sq ft building includes room for classrooms, therapy rooms and an event space that converts into a chapel. Surrounding the building is a prayer walk and contemplation garden. 

With the new space, the Arizona based non-profit will be able to change the lives of men who are experiencing any hardships including homelessness and addiction. GCON is proud to have been a part of such a huge project that will be a beacon of hope and peace for all of the Valley.

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