That’s a wrap on Summer Interns 2022

Internships are vital in today’s professional world where everything seems to move just a little faster. They are not only vital to the success of young professionals, but just as important to the company that employs them. GCON’s 2022 Summer Internship Program, run by Talent Acquisition and Training Manager, Danielle Eddy is crucial to GCON’s culture as a company. Throughout the last year, Danielle and her team travelled to college fairs across the Southwest to recruit potential interns. With over 200 applicants from Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Colorado, and Montana her team was able to narrow it down to 9 students. 

Once chosen, they are assigned to a field ranging anywhere from project management to business intelligence. With our program doubling in size this year, we were able to place an intern into every department at GCON. Within their department they are assigned a “buddy” who is their main point of contact for any and all questions. They are also assigned a supervisor to oversee their progress and assist in the career choosing process. 

During their three months at GCON they participated in group training sessions that covered everything from basic construction to the values that GCON holds as a company. They were also able to visit three of our job sites which included Falcon Field and the Cutter Aviation Hangar. Halfway through summer the interns were invited to an in-depth tour of Fashion Square Mall to see the behind the scenes. While there, they viewed the new spaces for Prada and Brunello Cucinelli being built by GCON.  

By putting the interns into real-life experiences and treating them as full-time employees, we were able to create a unique experience. “My internship experience at GCON was one like no other. The members here were welcoming since day one and they showed me the world this past summer in an environment where you just can’t replicate anywhere else.” Summer Intern, Ryan Thompson. 

To finish out the summer, each intern was given a problem in the field of construction that they then had to find a solution to and present to their “buddy” and supervisor, as well as our executive leadership. Presentations were held in a private hangar at Falcon Field. Of the 9 interns, five chose to come back and stay interning with GCON. 

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